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In honor of our veterans

In honor of our veterans

us marine camouflage cap with blank dog tag on us flag backgroundEvery quarter Energy & Environmental Investments, LLC selects a charity to support. Narysa Sardari, Vice President of  Investors  Relations,  recognizes in addition to  clothing donations, household goods donated can ...

Christmas Clothing Drive

In The Spirit of Giving 3
What comes to mind when you hear the word homeless? Living on the streets? Living in a shelter, motel or a car? These examples all describe being homeless. However, a more descriptive explanation of someone who is homeless includes...

Thanksgiving Food Drive at Southwest Community Center

11-24 lighter

Energy & Environment, Inc., held it’s first annual Thanksgiving food drive at the Southwest Community Center and it was a big success thanks to the generosity of our employees. Our Vice President of Investor Relations, Narysa Sardari along with other members from our staff...