Co-generation (also combined heat and power, CHP) is the use of a heat engine or a power station to simultaneously generate both electricity and useful heat from a single source of fuel.

All power plants lose certain amount of heat and energy during electricity generation. Typically, older utility power plants have an efficiency of 28-30% and 30-42% for Combined Cycle systems. Some of the latest and more advanced power plant CHP systems were able to increase the efficiency only close to 50%. However, these systems only exist in few and are not suitable for most power plants due to limited capacity inherited from its design.

Our CHP systems are designed to be well over 65%, and in certain applications up to 85%, thermally efficient. Our patented technology allows us to design CHP systems that can handle large capacities at maximum efficiency. This win-win solution offers a significant benefit and savings to the client, investors, the environment, our communities and to America as a whole.

Efficient & Economical

  • Saves on fuel costs and makes use of excess heat
  • Generates heat & electricity at the same time
  • Electricity, cooling, heating, hot water or steam