Gas Processing Group

Our Business Model Offers Significant Advantages & Benefits – Both Economically and Environmental

  • Lower cost of gas when processed at or near the wells.
  • No cost for pipeline gas transportation (the typical 30% price increase due to pipeline transportation is eliminated).
  • Lower cost of installation and operation (Co-Location).
  • Production plants dispersed and close to the user market.
  • Ease of transportation and site storage. Especially when pipelines are not available.
  • Offers significant environmental and economical benefits to the oil companies.
  • Increased production level at the client company.
  • E&E offers additional benefits and sources of revenue on each site.
  • E&E is able to comfortably offer EBITA (earnings before the deductions of interest, tax and amortization expenses) well above 30% in the most conservative projections for each of its operations.
  • E&E is well received by the regulatory agencies due to its contributions.
  • E&E has set up for further regulatory lobbying including Sacramento.